A Close Friend…

January 8, 2012

This only happens in movies especially in the Bollywood ones, when someone is leaving and you don’t want that someone to leave. You always tries to be with them as long as you can but you fails. That someone can be your friend, lover or a room mate, yes a room mate who is with you for more than 1 and half a year. I don’t know how but I will be missing my room-mate. May be the same thing is happening with him that’s why he is coming to the room again and again. The moments spend with him will always be the golden moments of my hostel life. I am shifting to a single seater hoping I can change myself to be a good human. The one and half year has gone really good with laughter, fights, upset moods which automatically gets all set, that’s all. Although we didn’t talked about our secrets , crushes and love stories(hopefully, he has one) but the understanding between us was something which can’t be neglected. I just want to tell him that he is very good friend not just a roomie…..

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    January 9, 2012

    Good post. Roomies can really turn out to be the second family, if the bond is strong enough.

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    Himanshu Grover

    January 11, 2012

    Some things. are better if they are told.. if u cant say this to him directly.. go on.. giv him this link.. He'd b more than just happy to read this…


Abhishek Dudeja

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