Another Day – the lost cadence

March 26, 2019

This poem is called “the lost cadence” because I lost it twice. I wrote it in 2015, found it back in 2019, again lost it for another 2 months. Here it is again and the occasion fits perfectly:

Another day I woke up
I got nine missed calls
seven from my girlfriend
and two from my mom

I called back
Mom had some gossip talks
Then I called her & said hello
strange silence gave me a shock

After few seconds
a quiet voice echoed the room
with little more pause she said
her father searched her a groom

With just that
my heart skipped a beat
With a deep breath she said again
the too be groom was coming for a meet

With no words in mouth
my inner soul was screaming
What! Why! When! How!
just wanted some answering

He was her father’s friend’s son
had met her before
her father arranged the meeting
whom she adore

After utter silence
I finally asked why
the sentence got completed
with tear from my eye

She would be gone
in some days
as to be her groom
was coming in four days

With trembling lips
I said goodbye angel
She asked me the date
& it was 1st of April.

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Abhishek Dudeja

Abhishek is the co-author of the Poetry Book "Rousing Cadence" which has been appreciated world wide. He is a graduate of engineering. He is an entrepreneur in motion. He is currently running his business venture "BIZDESIRE".

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