Can Love Happen Twice???

February 23, 2012

Its about 1:30 AM and I am getting my laptop out for writing something, something I just felt. I was reading ” Can Love Happen Twice?”, novel I purchased near it release, about 2-3 months ago or may be more as I don’t know the exact date. I started reading it when my Ex-Roommate( i feel really happy when I use the word Ex, thinking I also have someone with Ex 😛) narrated some of it to me. The book is the sequel of ” I too had a love story”.
I, not yet completed it fully but I know the ending as described in the first few pages and by my Ex(:D)-room mate which made me read this book.
The LOVE, the PYAAR, the FEELING written by the author are so original that, the each page I turned, made me skip my few heartbeats. Every line, I read, coincides with the true incidents of my life. Although my girl is not dead, but she is making me die everyday. Yes, I still die for her. I die for her smile which is used to pass me every morning. I die for her googly talks. My last three months were so difficult that I couldn’t even breathe. But now, I can see a pearl of hope coming out of my dark ocean. Yes, I am going to change myself , leaving the past so so so far, so far from the shadow of the witch.
The novel’s title asks a question….
Can Love happen twice?
YES IT CAN!!!! is my answer………. <3


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    Himanshu Grover

    February 28, 2012

    Yupppppzzz … Truly it can…. Just need to OPEN d eyes… 😉

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    February 29, 2012

    jst 4get ur past nd go on…….
    love can be happen twice if ur love r true……….
    so njoy every sec. of ur life…………….


Abhishek Dudeja

Abhishek is the co-author of the Poetry Book "Rousing Cadence" which has been appreciated world wide. He is a graduate of engineering. He is an entrepreneur in motion. He is currently running his business venture "BIZDESIRE".

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