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April 27, 2011

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I am a ordinary student with some ordinary responsibilities. As due i am doing my engineering so i have a simple basic routine with simple life style like engineers with a creativeness…..lolz it sounds funny. Passion about Engineering brings me to this hectic schedule. But truly speaking I am not happy with my own decision. Schooling from a known school of the city with a lot of friends makes me uncomfortable here. In the school we used to think that the hostlers are the worst persons, but now living their life seems to be a challenge. Everything is disciplined here except our warden who is just disciplined in taking his dose of liquor on time, but in humanity he is a great person but i don’t know why the students always poke him in his ass. The great deal is in the college is that you don’t have to get busy, the college itself makes you busy in doing assignments, projects files, cd’s and after all following the teachers for the internals and above all the attendance. In college life if you have full attendance that means you are going to live an asshole’s life like one of my friend who always puts his nose only in books. I know everyone in his life has a piece like him. What you will say when in college someone submit assignments before the lecturer demands. I am a middle student who just wants to come in teacher’s eye but cant. Because i feel i am not meant for that. I am weak in mathematics so i took computer science as the carrier. Besides the boring lectures i am going to tuition for the maths. College gets over at 4:30 evening and the coaching which is 20km far starts at 6. We are 7 from the hostel who go for coaching Tuesday alternative. Getting ready at 5 waiting for the roadways bus is our pet means of transport except getting lift from the people passing by but it is about rare. Passing villages and villages we cross a small town and at last reaching to the bus-stand and from there 1 km by foot, my foot! This is almost our basic way of reaching there. Then then facing the teacher who always reminds us of the days left and his technique that if we do 10 questions a day then we will be doing 400 at last and also 400 questions will not be there in the book…..that the thing we face every day. Tution ends at 7:30 and we get back by auto rickshaw from the big city to the small town and that is the starting of a new problem that no public transport. We have to take lifts for getting back and sometimes there is a long waiting for the helpful person.

And that day too we left for the same reaching the small town named Landran. That day just two of us left all other had planned night out. We reached Landran the same way and tried our luck for getting back to college. After getting sweat with the hard work we planned to have some ice cream from the near moving stall and again asked for lift and after 10 minutes a truck stopped and we were happy as we have won the world cup. We asked him if he was going on our college side and he replied with yes. We sat inside and the truck driver was concentrating on the speed and i had taken out my earphones and plugged them in the cell. And suddenly truck driver asked me something, i stopped the music and asked him “what!”. He replied “May i switch ON the fan if you are feeling hot inside”. My friend replied “ No paajhi, we will manage”, The fan was without cover just hung at the panel near the glass and continuously shaking seems it will just fall now. Truck was decorated with the Punjabi style and the driver was also a Punjabi. He told me that this road was a road of owls about 10 years before and known to be the road of dacoits and he himself had met with them and had stuck into the continuous firing by the dacoits and somehow he managed to escape. At this my friend Zeeshaan who has a very good general knowledge told that in the 1980s and 1990s the time was so bad on the Punjab that the general people had suffered a lot. He then added that the people were not just the dacoits. They were a special type of revolutionists namely Khadku. They were their own Gods and he narrated me his family’s story that how the khadku entered into his maternal grandmother’s house when he was just born. They had guns and sharp objects. But they were not in the thinking that they will do harm to the family. They just wanted a shelter for 1-2 months. He told me that those were summer days and this incident happened in his native village. People were busy at their fields. No one had time for extra burdens. He was just of 3 months. And suddenly people with dark green colour cloths, entered in his grandmother’s house. No one was there except his mother and of course his maternal grandmother. His grandmother covered his mother and shouted “Who the people are you and how dare you to enter in my house”. Then one of the khadku who’s one hand was missing loudly” Bebbe we are your guests and we will stay here until we get another place for hiding! Understand!” His grandmother had no other option. They were 11, all were muscular having long-long moustache. Then one of them who was standing at last holding a rifle said “we don’t need bed just give us two time food”. And all went to the roof. His grandmother had not slept first night as three of them were doing the job of watchman. The next day his grandmother got ill and somehow his mother made daal rotti for the 13 including them. This had gone for 8 days. Then his maternal grandfather came back from city. He revolted against them and tried to threaten them by saying that he would be going to tell police. He then told them that he knew the inspector and the politians. All of sudden a bullet was fired in the air by the head of khadkus and told his grandfather that that was their power. But his grandfather was not in condition of terrify and answered them back angrily” Saalo bastards , if you are the son of 1 father then fire the bullet into my chest, kutto” and this scene ends when two of khadku locked his grandfather into a room and cautioned the other members to be silent. His mother was in endless fear and he too started crying. Then Hariram who was the head of khadkus ensured them by saying “Sister! We will not f*ck your shitty father”. And still his mother stards weeping more loudly. Days passed but they didn’t make his grandfather out of the room they just gave him food and water. At this behaviour of khadkus his grandmother took the knife and ran towards the Hariram before she got to him the one hand khadku slapped her. She cried loudly and loudly and hariram came near her and then she begged him to leave her house by touching his feet and putting her head on them. They all got back to the roof. His grandmother went sleep. The next morning, they waked, there was all silence. His grandfather finally met his grandmother & his mother and kissed Zeeshaan on his forehead. Then he went on the roof to check it finally and there he found a bed sheet knobbed with something in it. He opened and get shocked seeing that the bloody gunde had left him with gold. “After it??” I asked Zeeshaan. “After a month we came to know that those all 11 were encountered at nearby village by the police”. Then the truck driver told us to be careful so that he couldn’t miss our college. Zeeshaan again added that at that time the police was also not less than the terrorists.I asked him why???. He answered that because they used to do encounter of the young people like me and you tagging the name of a Khadku. “Uncleji just stop near that dhaba, our destiny has come” I said. The truck driver made a break and we came down saying “pajji thank you bahut bahut dhanwaad”. The driver just stopped at the dhaba which is just opposite to our college. We crossed the road, now before us was the big college gate with the college name mounted on it. As that big gate had been closed so we went through the small gate which is in the right of it and on the left there is an ATM which mostly doesn’t work. Our hostel is in the last of all buildings having no connection with others. In the start there is heaven, I think you all have guessed it. Yes, the girl’s hostel for which every guy wants a ticket to enter. Just below the hostel there is a water cooler and we call it sweet water. Crossing the mall road, we entered in the main corridors. We were extremely tired. The distance which was about 300mtrs was looking like 30kms. But finally we get inside the hostel at 10pm. Warden stopped us “coming from the tuition”. We replied with yes. “ok go then”. My room is on first floor straight to the stairs. I was allotted a room which was earlier a table-tennis room and now was divided into two parts. It is the biggest room of the hostel. This reminds me my first day when we entered in the college. When I just passed the +2 examinations I was crazy for going out of my small city to a big city like Chandigarh. I was so happy when a thought strike my mind that “I WILL BE FREE TO DO ANYTHING”. I was on the cloud’9. We were three who planned to go together. One of them was Kunal, who later became my roommate and other was a chubby cheek boy with brown tidy hairs which were combed occasionally and a front teeth missing, he was Gagan. Although we were two sword kept in the same sheath. But something was there between us which didn’t make the friend’s ship sink. He is still a funny torture to me and I too was not other thing to him but still he is my good friend. We came Chandigarh by a direct bus. Dropping Gagan to his college, me and Kunal came my dream land by an auto rickshaw, sound strange but thats the truth. Reaching the hostel after passing more than 6 hours by travelling, we were welcomed by a shock that the room which we were allotted had been given to another person. We were roofless at that moment. After having a long tongue fight with the warden we were given the Table –Tennis room which was worst than a garbage factory. It was just next to the warden’s room. We were torn off from every side and then another gift was there that we got another room mate too who latterly proved that he is a sick bastard who beat himself when he doesn’t understand things. Kunal and me arranged our beds and took rest for about half an hour. After this we went for discovering the college. Met many students, got the knowledge about the college, the faculty and of course about the hot girls. Before the evening I didn’t know is the ragging really there in the colleges ……to be continued



Abhishek Dudeja

Abhishek is the co-author of the Poetry Book "Rousing Cadence" which has been appreciated world wide. He is a graduate of engineering. He is an entrepreneur in motion. He is currently running his business venture "BIZDESIRE".

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