December 18, 2011

Has something happened to you like this? Has someone after reading your post on blogger, removed from his/her Facebook friend list? Hey my dear friend checkout your friend list now may be there is a decrease in friends like me,
The only fault of me was writing this blog. Oh by this I came to know that blog can change the life of people especially who are in Love. But I am satisfied that I have made someone insecure. That someone has a common liking as me. That someone is so far. Its a saying that everything is fair in love and war but for the new lovers I just want to change this quotation as “Love is a War”. Here you have to snatch what you need. In a war, the warrior, the soldier just dies one time and in love he dies everyday. Here in Love, each day is full of surprises and shocks, it depends whether you will get surprise or shock. Surprise is when you both are in love and you will get shock before the Love(Liking Stage), after the Love(Devdas Stage) and also along with the love. At every moment of the life you will get shocks. Morning Shock , Office Shock ,College Shock, Love Shock, Hate shock, Marriage Shock, The First Night Shock, Old-age Shock and if there will be nothing then Electricity Shock.
OK now the question arises….Have you ever made someone insecure????. There are a lot of ways by which you can make someone insecure:-

  1. Stealing someone’s notes on Examination night. Believe me this is the best you can make with a person, you don’t like, I was the victim, it pains a lot and side by that made me hopeless too.
  2. Loving someone’s girlfriend. Hmmmm no comments.
  3. Using the money on needless things like a new phone, a new car or a new helicopter can make your DAD insecure. Your bad grades can also work.
  4. You can add various moments from your day to day life like how it feels when someone borrows something from you and don’t gives back when you need it badly or when someone leaks your bike’s air or even petrol

.And above all, when you are roaming in sec-17’s market with 10 to 15 girls, only girls, I know what is going in your dirty mind, but anyhow you will feel insecure, NO !!! okey then you are BAD MAN :D.
The insecurity is in every person. A person who invests in something, always feel insecure. When you like a person, you fears of loosing him/her ,when you love the person you do the same and when you both love each other, the same bullshit happens again. Love is china’s maal, it doesn’t comes with guaranty, so take care of it with the same affection because when you loose someone, it is not the same person when you meet again.

Your feedback is what I need. It is the fuel to me so please comment about this below…. 🙂

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    Himanshu Grover

    December 19, 2011

    Hmm… Nice topic.. "INSECURITY"..
    This is a common feeling.. And i can say that u'll also be insecure about your writings.. That someone may copy an write it under their name.. :p 😀
    And this is the reason u've written COPYRIGHT under them.. LOL..


Abhishek Dudeja

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