January 10, 2012

That day I met my old classmate from school. He was doing diploma there. I was pleased to see someone I know. He had changed a lot from a naughty student to a drug addict fellow. He started telling us about the college that it was spread in 43 acres, the building was so much old, staff was like this and that. Then I asked him about the ragging and to my surprise he said that its very bad and cruel. Oh my God ! me and Kunal very looking at each other with big eyes.
He asked Preet, “what the seniors usually do with the juniors”.
Preet replied, ” First of all they get all of you together in room and then ask you to give introduction. Give that straightly and don’t resist. If you will resist, they will fuck you. And after the introduction they will play a game with you”
” which type of game?” I asked instantly
“Any game like one I did with my juniors.”
“What! you ragged your juniors?” Kunal questioned.
“Yes of course I am a man”
“Which game you offered?”
“I…….let me think….. Yeah. I placed a coin at one end of the table and told my junior to blow it to another corner”
“Hey this is so simple” Kunal said happily
“Wait ! wait ! wait !. He don’t just have to blow only the air but with that he has to say FUCK ME! FUCK ME ! and while saying this he has to take the coin to other corner of the table” Preet replied calmly.
” This FUCK had must fucked that junior”
“This was not he had to do. There was also another game”
“Another game!!!! still need more. Were you really going to fuck that little guy.”
“No, he would be fucking”
“Fucking what?”
“The wall” Preet gave me a devil smile.
“hey don’t give me that smile. I am not going to do this” I protected myself.
“Don’t worry my friends, It won’t happen, you are with me but one thing, be careful” and Preet went to his respective room.
Me and Kunal were shivering and making the backup plans and thinking about what to do when a senior would come to us.
Suddenly a person entered into the room. He was tall and had wore a turban.
Our faces had fireworks on them.
“Hello!”  I said politely.
” Hi , I am Rippy”
“Hi Rippy, I am Kunal and he is Zeeshan”
“You are new here?” I asked
I thanked God.
“So what are you doing here” with courage I asked
“This room has been allotted to me, too.” Rippy answered and shook hand with both of us.
“Nice meeting you, new roomie” Kunal welcomed him by getting his luggage from outside.
I never wanted to have a another roomie in my plans but I couldn’t do anything.
After coming to the room. We exchanged our views about the college, about ourselves, from where we belong etc etc. There I came to know that he belong to TARAN-TAARAN, a very small town near the holy city Amritsar. I told him all stuff which Preet told me and was smiling. First thing that strike-d my mind about him that may be he was so courageous or so dumb.
Loud voices in pure Punjabi including the helping verbs was coming from last hour. It was from the second half of the T.T. room. We went inside that room talked with the new neighbors. One was of E.E.( Electrical Engineering), second was of M.E.( Mechanical Engineering ) and third was of C.S.E. (Computer Science Engineering) and later became my classmate. We shared our information, talked a lot and obviously I told them what Preet told to me.
” have you got any book?” EE boy asked me.
“No but some are lying there in my room. May be they are of the seniors who used to live here.”
We all together went for the dinner and came back at 8:30.
Me and Kunal were ready for sleep. We told Rippy to do the same. At 8:45 we turned off the lights and went to the beds.
Suddenly loud voices started coming from from the neighbors again but it was more louder than the earlier ones.
We were in tremendous fear, especially I, my legs were shaking.
Then the door knocked. We three stood from the beds , looking here and there and whispering
“What to do now”
“they must be seniors”
“Don’t open!!!”
Knocking continued.
I slowly stood up and put an almirah in front of gate and turned off the windows.
Both Kunal and Rippy were smiling but I didn’t want to Fuck the walls.
It was the voice of the same EE boy.
“What do you want?” I shouted.
“open the gate first”, he said.
“he must have seniors with him Kunal”
“We will not open the gate. Come tomorrow” Kunal shouted
” Hey I need those books”
“We don’t have any” I spoke in trembling voice
“You have, you told me. Just me the maths”
“I told you to come tomorrow and have as many as you want and where you want” Kunal shouted again
“please give me that book”
He was not moving from the door,the fucking-over-intelligent-freak.
Then we discovered a small space between the rooms and managed to give him that book and slept fearing.
The next morning we woke up at 5:00 (the first and the last day I woke up so early in hostel till date), got ready at 6:30, waiting for the mess to get open, ate breakfast and went to college at 8:30( again the first and the last day I went college so early till date)



Abhishek Dudeja

Abhishek is the co-author of the Poetry Book "Rousing Cadence" which has been appreciated world wide. He is a graduate of engineering. He is an entrepreneur in motion. He is currently running his business venture "BIZDESIRE".

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