Touching that string – Ferris Wheel

January 14, 2019

I came to my parents after 7 months and I was sitting with my Mom and we were discussing about a young lad getting married and out of that the focus shifted to my marriage. My mom said my father and she was discussing about a girl in my office, they both liked her but they thought she looked little older than me. I ignored her completely as my mom was speaking and I concentrated on my phone.

My mom is on Facebook now and look what she does: spying on my employees and making a match for me.

She didn’t stop and said the girl looked very mature and gracefully beautiful. My father also liked her and he thinks the same. I asked her where she saw the picture. She added “the picture near the water fountain”.
“Oh! That girl is not from my office but my college friend.” The bells were ringing in my head, a slight smile came on my face which I was hiding from her. I had showed her that girl’s picture 2-3 back and we had a little conversation about her as well but looked like she forgot. I was with no means was going to tell about her again.

Only that one day when I was not thinking about the girl I loved, my mom has touched the very string and started talking about her.

She again asked, what she is doing. Trying to break the conversation. I just said “The girl lives in Delhi. By the way she is older than me”.

“How older? Doesn’t look much.”

“Around 8-9-10 months.”

“Let’s suppose her birthday comes in January. That much difference is fine.” in a tone of approval she said.

“Has she seen your office?”


Her chain of questions continued:

“Can we send the marriage proposal to her parents?”

Now that was the most uncomfortable situation for me. I didn’t expected that. I had goosebumps but I couldn’t show it on my face. The eyes went wet. It was hard to keep all the emotions at one place. Thoughts were running and the fountain moment was playing in my head, the doorbell broke the silence, bought me back to the reality and I said “No, it doesn’t happen this way”.

This paragraph is a part of Ferris Wheel series. You can read the rest here:

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Although it’s form is that of an autobiography, it is not one. Space and time have been rearranged to suit the convenience of the story, and with the exception of public figures, any resemblance to persons living or dead is coincidental.



Abhishek Dudeja

Abhishek is the co-author of the Poetry Book "Rousing Cadence" which has been appreciated world wide. He is a graduate of engineering. He is an entrepreneur in motion. He is currently running his business venture "BIZDESIRE".

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